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編號 CodeTF-039
規格 Size :

20 Inch: 24 x 35 x 53cm/GW: 3.6kg

24 Inch: 27 x 35 x 64cm /GW: 4.5kg

26 Inch: 28 x 36 x 72cm /GW: 5kg


ABS 1.6-1.8mm厚度+PC+120D布料+TPE橡膠+鋅合金伸縮手柄
ABS 1.6-1.8mm Thickness + PC + 120D Fabric + TPE Rubber + Zinc Alloy Retractable Handle

印刷Printing:本產品可以按照客人要求加入Logo, This product can be added with logos and patterns according to customer requirements

TF-039 行李箱 Trolley Suitcase